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by simon_bricolo & 3 others
search engine for all your services (gmail, twitter, facebook, dropbox, basecamp, gCalendar...) (via @lejoe)


Create your own crowds ::

by springnet
Crowdstatus is made up of twitter crowds, each crowd contains people and each twitter person in the crowd has a status. This means that you can see what everyones current status is in a crowd.

Alert Thingy: A desktop app for

by springnet
all your friendfeed alerts delivered direct to your desktop. Does for friendfeed what twhirl does for twitter. wow.


by springnet
aggregates twitter, pownce and facebook with a lot more rss feeds to social networking sites coming. See the Vote page for what they're working on. Contact me for a beta invite


by thw416
Chatterous is a service that lets you talk to your friends across the web, im, email and your phone.

Google Reader + Twitter |

by simon_bricolo
Script greasemonkey pour ajouter une action "poster sur twitter" à un article dans Google Reader


Natuba |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
A single page to gather all the feeds about you: delicious, twitter, flickr, plazes, blogs, ... all in one place and your can make one single rss out of these

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