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May 2008

Tim's Quicktime VR Panoramas : QTVR

by springnet
@timpatterson picked a digital camera, an inexpensive Fuji FinePix A205, and decided to get back to creating Quicktime VR panoramas for fun and he has a Google Map of all my QTVR locations in Austin!

May 2007

Tantek's Thoughts

by springnet & 1 other
Peter Townsend and other video clips at La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas. technorati dev-wiki microformats hReview hCard hCalendar XOXO GMPG XFN 1.1 XMDP webdesign

April 2007

AustinBlogger » Blog Archive » Amber and Leo on Twitter and Jaiku

by springnet
What is the price of presence? Well you can have it simple and have twitter. It’s a no brainer to get up and running. You can tweet away instantly and give everyone of your followers updates. And you can follow your friends.


by springnet
jenka[at]thedolab[dot]com great social identity consulting blog

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