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FIR 57> - CSP - ABOUT CONFIG - How to enable Firefox WebExtensions on Mozilla websites - Mozilla Firefox 57 - privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager - TRUE - - FORUM

by decembre
How to enable Firefox WebExtensions on Mozilla websites (in - Load about:config in the Firefox web browser. - You can run a search for just to make sure it does not exist: privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager. It does not in the most recent Firefox Nightly builds at the time of writing. - Right-click in the part of the window that lists the preferences, and select New > Boolean from the context menu. - Name the new Boolean value: privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager. - Set its value to true.

FIREFOX - about:congig - [Did You Know] Mozilla Firefox Hidden Secret Features - AskVG

by decembre
About the hidden about:config command present in Firefox. This command is executed in Firefox addressbar and opens the secret Preferences Manager which allows you to change so many hidden settings in Firefox which are not available in Firefox Options window. about:config not only allows you enable/disable many options in Firefox , but also allows you to reveal many hidden secret features in Firefox which are not even documented by Mozilla developers.


Comment personnaliser Ubuntu ? | Korben

by eledo34
Ubuntu est une distrib linux très souple et bien qu'elle soit conçue pour les débutants, il suffit d'ouvrir un terminal pour se rendre compte qu'il n'y a aucune limite et qu'on peut faire exactement les même choses avec cette distrib qu'avec une distrib un peu plus barbue.


Ubuntu Tweak : configurer facilement Ubuntu

by eledo34 (via)
Ubuntu Tweak est une application qui permet de configurer facilement Ubuntu – dont un certain nombre de paramètres difficiles d’accès ou peu connus, et ceci grâce à une interface graphique très simple !!.



Top Firefox 2 config tweaks___Geek to Live: - Lifehacker

by kbluvscats & 6 others
How to modify Firefox's configuration (about:config) All this "advanced config" talk got you worried? Fear not, my friend. Here's the deal: Firefox's configuration is a long list of keys and values. To view this list, type about:config into the Firefox ad

Horloge trop rapide Linux

by lecyborg
Comment régler le problème d'une horloge qui avance trop vite sous Linux

Tweak ubuntu for speed

by lecyborg & 3 others
Amélioration diverses pour gagner en vitesse


Hidden Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird Prefs

by sylvainulg & 2 others (via)
things you might want to tweak, but that didn't deserve an entry in the Edit>Preferences panel ^_^

The Closet Nerd: My Favorite XP Tweak

by springnet
Anytime I install a fresh copy of Windows XP or I create a new user there is one thing I do. It's probably the simplest tweak I do, but it's also one of the most effective at speeding up EVERYTHING in Windows. This tweak only cost you 5% of Windows visual

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