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April 2012

GetGlue: Check-in to tv, movies and music

by gregg
Check-in to entertainment with GetGlue. Connect with friends, discover new favorites, and unlock FREE stickers and discounts.

HBO GO Interactive Features Coming to the iPad - Tech of the Hub

by sbrothier
HBO is revving up the hype machine for this weekend’s Game of Thrones premiere. Yesterday, HBO GO launched on the Xbox. Today, it appears that HBO GO’s interactive features are coming to their iPad app. Previously, from what I can tell, the interactive features were only accessible via the HBO GO website and not on the HBO GO app for connected devices such as the Roku, Xbox and Samsung Smart TVs. The Boxee already has access to the interactive features as it runs a web browser based version of the app. For Game of Thrones, HBO built a number of interactive features that would pop up during episodes. Given the complexity of the story, the interactive features provided additional information on family trees, characters, the houses and a map of the Seven Kingdoms. A web version of the interactive features can be found here. HBO has stated that the interactive features resulted in viewers watching episodes multiple times.

March 2012

Redbreast Suzunosuke - English

by sbrothier
Redbreast Suzunosuke (Akado Suzunosuke) Type: TV series Episodes: 52 Year: 1972

February 2012

Do TV Apps Have a Future? | Blogs | Red Bee Media

by sbrothier
2011 saw the birth of TV Apps - small web applications that sit in a menu ready to be revealed at the press of a ‘Smart’ button on your new TV’s remote control. You could be forgiven for not knowing they exist; any smart TV before 2011 was a mixed experience, and connecting your home network broadband to your TV isn’t as natural as connecting your games console or laptop. According to Forrester, half of all connected TV owners never link them to the internet.

January 2012

PARC to Make TV Watching More Social - BusinessWeek

by sbrothier
Have you ever wished your buddies were right there, watching the game with you on days other than Super Bowl? The cheering, cursing and yacking that occur in front of the TV are precious, but most of us are too busy nowadays for too many such get-togethers. Soon, though, we might all be watching TV virtually, thanks to a technology called Social TV.

SOCIAL TV: Creating New Connected Media Experiences

by sbrothier
In this course we will examine television distribution asking the question "how is digital technology changing they way television fits into society." The course will take a systemic look at the various ways television is currently distributed with a particular emphasis on emerging technologies that place television in a social context. The classwork for the course will be team and project focused, culminating in each team developing a prototype of a new social TV application. We will explore the multiple facets of the social TV experience from video technology fundamentals and challenges, to user interfaces, content consumption and business cases.

Radio Interview with Matriarch of Social TV - MIT's Marie-Jose Montpetit

by sbrothier
Social TV is a huge buzzword in the TV world these days. Basically, it refers to the ways people are using social media in conjunction with their TV viewing. That might refer to something as simple as checking your Twitter feed on your phone while watching a political debate. It might also include joining a social network oriented around media discovery, like GetGlue, or Miso, where you can find out what your friends think of shows, or be notified when they are watching something. It had us wondering what impact Social TV will have on the way programmers design shows, and whether we’re returning to gathering in the living room watching I Love Lucy, only virtually. Marie-Jose Montpetit is a research scientist at the Research Lab of Electronics at MIT, where she researches putting video on multiple devices and combining it with social networking components.

TR10: Social TV - Technology Review

by sbrothier
Marie-José Montpetit, an invited scientist at MIT's Research Lab for Electronics, has been working for several years on social TV--a way to seamlessly combine the social networks that are boosting TV ratings with the more passive experience of traditional TV viewing. Her goal is to make watching television something that viewers in different places can share and discuss--and to make it easier to find something to watch.

InaGlobal - Télévision - Article - La Social TV, ou la "voix" de retour de la télévision

by sbrothier
Regarder la télévision a toujours été par nature une activité collective, génératrice de lien social, même si l’on est parfois seul devant son écran, comme l’explique le sociologue et spécialiste des médias Dominique Wolton : « Parce que nos sociétés sont celles du grand nombre et, par conséquent, abstraites, il leur faut un lien social. La télévision participe au modèle démocratique en ce sens qu'elle est un peu, dans le domaine culturel, le correspondant du suffrage universel dans le domaine politique. »

Social TV « Bigger Than Fiction

by sbrothier
L'environnement convergent créé par la démocratisation de médias connectés (ordinateurs, smartphones, consoles de jeux, tablettes, RFID, NFC…) nécessite de repenser les stratégies globales des marques afin d'impliquer d'avantage son public et de le divertir. Nous vous accompagnons sur les segments émergents du divertissement. Bigger Than Fiction est un laboratoire de nouveaux contenus.

Social TV vs. TV connectée, deuxième partie

by sbrothier (via)
Les usages comme nous l’avons vu, vont eux plutôt vers une fusion entre le contenu ( l’objet) et le lieu de la conversation.

Social television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by sbrothier
Social Television is a general term for technology that supports communication and social interaction in either the context of watching television, or related to TV content. It also includes the study of television-related social behavior, devices and networks. Social television systems can for example integrate voice communication, text chat, presence and context awareness, TV recommendations, ratings, or video-conferencing with the TV content either directly on the screen or by using ancillary devices. Social television is very active area of research and development that is also generating new services as TV operators and content producers are looking for new sources of revenue. While a number of existing social television systems are still at a conceptual stage, or exist as lab prototypes, beta or pilot versions are available commercially. White-labeled social TV platforms have also emerged (such as Visiware's PlayAlong, LiveHive Systems and Ex Machina's PlayToTV) which allow TV networks and operators to offer branded social TV applications. On the ratings front, companies such as SocialGuide, Bluefin Labs, Networked Insights and TrendrrTV have emerged to measure the social media activities tied to specific TV telecasts.[1] In essence, these new companies seek to serve as the Nielsen Ratings of the social televisions space.

November 2011

Générique : American Horror Story

by bouilloire
Ce générique ne cesse de me faire penser à celui de Se7en et ça n'est pas un hasard en fait. Même réalisateur et un Nine Inch Nails impliqué.

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