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Premières images des nouvelles séries BBC One et BBC Two de l’automne

by bouilloire
C'est quand même beaucoup plus alléchant que ce que nous préparent les USA pour la rentrée.

June 2012

Awesome Books to Replace Your Favorite Cancelled TV Shows

by bouilloire
Des fois qu'on viendrait à manquer de livres et qu'on serait en plus un peu nostalgiques

HBO and 'Game of Thrones' producers apologize for Bush head on stick | Inside TV |

by bouilloire
Il faut donc se dépêcher de l'acheter pour avoir l'édition collector ^^

Musashi no Ken [H264] [ARR] torrent - BakaBT

by sbrothier (via)
Musashi no Ken is a great old school classic about a young boy, Musashi, raised from even before birth to become the greatest Kendo champpion in all of Japan. With a martial arts expert for a father and a mother with an enthusiasm streak you’ve rarely seen – their son Musashi is born to be super strong, fast, and trains harder than anyone – so how can he not become a champion? Part of the anime is him as a child, and part is of him as an adult.

May 2012

How Will We Interact With an Apple Television? | Mac.AppStorm

by sbrothier
“I finally cracked it,” Steve Jobs famously said to biographer Walter Isaacson in reference to an Apple-made television set. The elegant set-top box known as the Apple TV has been labeled as a hobby since its conception, and many are guessing that a full-fledged television by Apple would finally elevate their endeavors in television from this hobby status.

Get ready for the future of TV, in which your living room becomes a movie set, a communication hub and a gaming zone

by sbrothier
One delicious anecdote from the recent biography Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, involved the Apple founder’s decorating problem: It took the Jobs family eight years to buy a sofa. “We spent a lot of time asking ourselves, What is the purpose of a sofa?” Jobs’ wife told the biographer. To Jobs, the choice about which sofa to buy and where to place it in the home could not be made without a full understanding of exactly what role the object should play in their lives.

April 2012

Team Coco To Go @

by sbrothier
Are you Team Coco? Sure you are. So check out your mobile options for keeping up with the latest from Conan O’Brien & crew. It’s like having a teeny-tiny late-night talk show with you at all times — in a sexy techno-gizmo that vibrates!

Second screens: The social TV experience is all about apps - Apr. 9, 2012

by sbrothier
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- While you're on the couch watching American Idol, chances are you're also updating your Facebook status on your smartphone or tablet, or hitting Google for the name of that ubiquitous character actor you can't quite identify. There's also Twitter. Posts on it set two all-time records during the Super Bowl, one at halftime and another just two hours later at the game's end.

5 technos qui révolutionnent la télé | Petit Web

by sbrothier
A quelques jours du CES où la TV connectée sera reine, une présentation de 5 technologies ou opérations qui révolutionnent la télé et sa consommation, sur l'écran principal ou le "second screen" (iPad, mobile).

Miso Homepage | Miso

by gregg & 1 other
Miso is a social TV platform that makes watching TV more fun.

GetGlue: Check-in to tv, movies and music

by gregg
Check-in to entertainment with GetGlue. Connect with friends, discover new favorites, and unlock FREE stickers and discounts.

HBO GO Interactive Features Coming to the iPad - Tech of the Hub

by sbrothier
HBO is revving up the hype machine for this weekend’s Game of Thrones premiere. Yesterday, HBO GO launched on the Xbox. Today, it appears that HBO GO’s interactive features are coming to their iPad app. Previously, from what I can tell, the interactive features were only accessible via the HBO GO website and not on the HBO GO app for connected devices such as the Roku, Xbox and Samsung Smart TVs. The Boxee already has access to the interactive features as it runs a web browser based version of the app. For Game of Thrones, HBO built a number of interactive features that would pop up during episodes. Given the complexity of the story, the interactive features provided additional information on family trees, characters, the houses and a map of the Seven Kingdoms. A web version of the interactive features can be found here. HBO has stated that the interactive features resulted in viewers watching episodes multiple times.

March 2012