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Tune in with Twitter TV - Brian Solis

by sbrothier (via)
Have you ever watched TV while using a laptop, smart phone, or tablet? Wait, why am I asking. Of course you have. That’s what we all do now right? So I guess the real question to ask is how often do you use Twitter vs. Facebook while watching TV? In many ways, Twitter is becoming a bona fide second screen experience while watching television. And in many ways, TV may also serve as the second screen to those engrossed in their Twitter streams. If you think about it, the idea that the TV becomes the second screen to digital experiences is rather provocative. Perhaps this is why Twitter is making some notable moves in the television analytics market recently.



Devant La Télé : Discutez du programme TV en direct

by philippej (via)
"Suivez en temps réel les commentaires des téléspectateurs laissés sur Twitter et DevantLaTélé"

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