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Electronic Star

by ChriMi
Boutique en ligne pour électronique à petit prix : Equipement DJ, Sonorisation, Audio HiFi, TV et multimedia auto



Radio Interview with Matriarch of Social TV - MIT's Marie-Jose Montpetit

by sbrothier
Social TV is a huge buzzword in the TV world these days. Basically, it refers to the ways people are using social media in conjunction with their TV viewing. That might refer to something as simple as checking your Twitter feed on your phone while watching a political debate. It might also include joining a social network oriented around media discovery, like GetGlue, or Miso, where you can find out what your friends think of shows, or be notified when they are watching something. It had us wondering what impact Social TV will have on the way programmers design shows, and whether we’re returning to gathering in the living room watching I Love Lucy, only virtually. Marie-Jose Montpetit is a research scientist at the Research Lab of Electronics at MIT, where she researches putting video on multiple devices and combining it with social networking components.


cablecom – tv / internet / phone

by fotopol (via)
Leq site de Cableco0m. Programmes Radio TV, informations sur les prestations


SopCast - Free P2P internet TV | live football, NBA, cricket

by cyberien & 2 others (via)
SopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch the video and listen to radio on the Internet. Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology, It is very efficient and easy to use. Let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of a powerful server and vast bandwidth.

paylasim vadisi

by nakrerasay & 1 other, 1 comment (via)


by zibrahimpasic
A legfontosabbak a műholdas, a televíziós és a rádiós vétel területéről.

Watch Live Tv and Listen in Radio

by hacspectrum
68 Country 1000 Live Tv and Listen Radio Canals

Writer & Journalist - James Silver

by KABBOTT, 1 comment
James Silver is a London-based media critic, interviewer and feature-writer. A former staff journalist at the BBC, he has written for a range of national newspapers and magazines.

Les outils de communication japonais

by papayo
Cinq groupes de journaux se partagent plus de la moitié des lecteurs : Yomiuri, Asahi, Mainichi, Nihon Keizai et Sankei...

Toolbar outils barre

by Radio-Music & 4 others
Toolbar Webtv, pleins de fonctionnalité, fil rss de site web, radio intégré

Toolbar outils barre

by Video Clip & 4 others
Toolbar Webtv, pleins de fonctionnalité, fil rss de site web, radio intégré

Toolbar outils barre

by CamChat & 4 others
Toolbar Webtv, pleins de fonctionnalité, fil rss de site web, radio intégré

Toolbar outils barre

by Gratuit Technologie & 4 others
Toolbar Webtv, pleins de fonctionnalité, fil rss de site web, radio intégré

Open Doors Calls for Prayers for Bangladesh

by JomeiKujo
Open Doors has called for prayers for Bangladesh after the countrys interim caretaker government declared a state of emergency for an indefinite period of time The declaration of emergency came after the UN suspended all technical support for elections

Regarder et écouter, plus de 1600 chaines et 5200 stations

by sushi & 19 others
Medinalia est un portail qui propose de regarder la TV sur votre PC en streaming, et aussi écouter la radio de plus de 120 pays.

TV On The Radio

by Fluctuat (via)
Biographie, actu et ttitre en écoute du meilleur rock band 2006 : j'ai nommé TV On The Radio.

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