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The OFFICIAL Whiz COMMUNITY Web Site on Flickr

by Whiz (via)
Only a few places to Find An OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC Whiz on the web. One of them is on! So many wanna-Bees and FAKEs, so few to be like HIM. There may be WHIZETTES, but NO WHIZ. Most of them went to some school to imulate a whiz, but we know a whiz is ALWAYS a natural and he ALWAYs is adaptable at more than just one subject, give me a break! Looking for the Whiz for ever, look no further. Yea, I know a lot of you are Looking for him and finding a lot of IRRELEVENT results for Whiz! Sorry about that. His name seems to be very popular. But you won't find any of those wanna-bee/fake Whizs' here. And you won't find many of those cheesy, cheese, gee, golly, nerds here either. This site is for all of us Whiz Fans, to get together and maybe find some information on "The OFFICIAL WHIZ"! Yes people are actualy making Official community "Whiz Fan Clubs" now!

September 2006

9/11 is This Year's Marketing Goldmine

by GorillaSushi
It appears that this September is showing 9/11 to be marketing gold. Newspaper headlines, documentaries, news stories, exposes and a late summer blockbuster movie.

August 2006

Choose And Watch Internet TV Channels - for free

by lolototto & 4 others
Watch on ChooseAndWatch only the best online News, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Information, Adult... TV channels - for free! Simply choose a channel and watch it.

Superman Homepage

by everyueveryme
Superman Homepage! - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Man of Steel and more!

July 2006

Porn TV Online FREE! Lots of music and videos too

by macmantv & 1 other
9 Porn Channels Free in the adult section showing 24/7 Including Playboy and Spice!!! Free Internet TV and Videos. More than 100 Channels including Movies, Sport, Comedy and Uncensored Music. And thousands of vidoes from ABBA to ZZ Top and everything else in between. Brighten up your day with

June 2006

France 5 : Arrêt sur Images

by nomadcom1 & 9 others
Décryptage télévision, analyse émission télé

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