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Wizzgo, ma télé avec moi

by irols & 2 others, 1 comment
Avec wizzgo ne manquez plus vos programmes TV préférés : enregistrez-les gratuitement d'un clic. Où que vous soyez. Regardez-les quand vous le voulez, comme vous le voulez : sur votre ordinateur, votre media center, emportez-les sur votre votre iPod ou votre iPhone...


Who Designed This Crap? The Great Ipod Scam

by misspaige
I don't remember most of the dreams I have, whether nice or nasty. But, man, did I remember one from last week. I was on this really long and rambling road being chased by millions of Ipods of every size and shape. Though none of their earbuds were plugged in, there were so many of the things I could hear the mother of all mixes, every song, podcast and TV show available on Itunes. - Fuel Your iPod with classic Animation, TV Shows and Movies

by fox_b
ビデオポッドキャストのディレクトリ検索。 iPod向けビデオやアニメ、ドラマの有料販売


by fox_b (via)
テレビ番組やラジオ番組、映画、ビデオブログなどをP2Pネットワークを通して配信し、テレビやiPodなどで視聴するための「Open Media Network」の公開ベータテストが26日、開始された。2005年4月

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