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Visual Design - Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

by sbrothier
Apple TV apps are fully immersive apps with unique design and user experience considerations. These principles help you design an app that reflects your brand and intentions while making a personal connection with people.

tvOS (Apple TV) UI Kit Sketch freebie - Download free resource for Sketch - Sketch App Sources

by sbrothier
A free UI Kit / starter kit for tvOS design following Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. You'll need San Fransisco, Apple's font of choice for everything on the Apple TV:

Migrating to Apple TV: The Basics — BPXL Craft — Medium

by sbrothier
There is a TON of stuff to say about the new Apple TV release. If you want to skip to the concrete details, jump down to “The Basics” below.


Get ready for the future of TV, in which your living room becomes a movie set, a communication hub and a gaming zone

by sbrothier
One delicious anecdote from the recent biography Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson, involved the Apple founder’s decorating problem: It took the Jobs family eight years to buy a sofa. “We spent a lot of time asking ourselves, What is the purpose of a sofa?” Jobs’ wife told the biographer. To Jobs, the choice about which sofa to buy and where to place it in the home could not be made without a full understanding of exactly what role the object should play in their lives.


Apple rumored to be working on iOS-powered HDTVs for late 2011

by alamat (via)
A new rumor claims Apple is readying an iOS-powered connected TV, possibly for release as early as this fall.


From the Tips Box: Xbox Controller Hacks, High-Res iTunes Artwork, and Healthier Popcorn

by maxxyme
Grab iTunes Artwork for Music, Movies, and TV Shows Photo by Photo Mojo Matthew wote in with a roundabout way to retrieve blocked high-res iTunes artwork: It’s been a real drag not being able to get at the high-resolution artwork since Apple blocked our attempts (Ex: The Josher Method). But there is a new found way that is available to anyone that owns an Apple TV or possibly a regular Mac! While browsing my Apple TV, I noticed that when a movie, TV show, or song is selected, there is a high-res image of the album/cover art displayed to the left. This got me thinking, it has to be stored somewhere for it to show it. I did some digging and found a folder in the file system for just that purpose. Full-sized art in unencrypted jpg format is “cached” in separate folders on the hard drive. With a SSH or FTP-enabled Apple TV, navigate to /mnt/Scratch/private/tmp/Front Row/Images There, folders contain the cover art of all music/TV shows/movies that was selected in the last browsing session! There will also be the low-res images there, but ignore them. The high-res images will be named original.jpg.



Tasty Blog Snack

by springnet
Justine Ezarik's blog. submitted on springnet's bookmarks on on her birthday. March 23, 2008 she turned 24.


AppleTV Flash Mashup

by springnet
fantastic video mashup... very compelling design and look feel.... cool

More formats on Apple TV? Negative by Apple

by alfzurkin & 1 other
So even with this great Apple TV (a tv set-top-box alike) we still need help from video converters such as Apple TV Converter in case to put our favourite movies onto Apple TV before viewing them on TV Screen. The place to get useful Apple TV Converter

Open Doors Calls for Prayers for Bangladesh

by JomeiKujo
Open Doors has called for prayers for Bangladesh after the countrys interim caretaker government declared a state of emergency for an indefinite period of time The declaration of emergency came after the UN suspended all technical support for elections

Apple Store - France - Apple TV

by nhoizey
Désormais, il y a toujours quelque chose à la télévision. Avec Apple TV, vous profitez des films, de la musique et des podcasts de votre bibliothèque iTunes, sans oublier les photos et les bandes-annonces, directement sur votre téléviseur panoramique. Le tout, sans fil, depuis votre Mac ou votre PC.


CocoaJT : L'info en images sur votre Mac !

by dfracheb & 5 others
CocoaJT, application pour Mac OS X pour voir en ligne les flux vidéos de différentes chaînes (72 émissions sont disponibles).

Apple - Get a Mac - Watch The TV Ads

by kruty & 6 others
6 nouvelles pubs Apple, pour les MACS !

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