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HTML5Rocks - Home

by ghis & 8 others
Ressources à propos de HTML5.

10 Django Trouble Spots for Beginners | Nettuts+

by ghis (via)
"Django is an incredibly-powerful web framework, but using it can be a bit daunting for new users. I found this out the hard way over a year ago, spending hours struggling with even the most basic of concepts. If you're new to Django, (or MVC frameworks in general), you're probably going to have to shift your thinking a bit to use this robust framework. Here are some of the issues that I had to struggle with before I fully understood them. Hopefully, this will save you hours of struggling."

A Roundup of 10 Django Tutorials |

by ghis (via)
A list of good to start playing with Django.




by LuciferX & 13 others
Wisibility, un Blog de formation en ligne sur Photoshop et les logiciels des métiers de l'image. Le rendez-vous de la communauté des "photo-graphistes", particuliers et professionnels.

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