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[Éducation, société et technologie]

by julien.c & 2 others
Ressources pour divers cours en infographie dans le cadre des programmes de Production de sites Web conduisant à une Attestation d’études collégiales (AEC) dispensée par le Collège Ahuntsic .

Typographie sur le web

by julien.c & 25 others
Assez, c’est assez Qui a dit que les règles de typographie fine (parfois qualifiée de micro typographie) n’étaient pas applicables dans une page web ? Nous allons ici démontrer que c’est tout à fait possible.

Smashing Magazine

by julien.c & 48 others
blog-portail de ressources dans les domaines du graphisme, de la programmation, du web, de la vidéo...

Taming Lists

by gagou & 6 others
A List Apart: Articles: CSS Design:


The Spring series, Part 4: 1-2-3 messaging with Spring JMS

by jpcaruana
I introduce you to features of the Spring JMS (Java Message Service) framework. JMS defines a standard way for Java applications to create and exchange messages through a Message Oriented Middleware (MOM).

The Spring series, Part 3: Swing into Spring MVC

by jpcaruana
I introduce you to the Spring Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. As in the previous articles, I use a banking example to show you how to model and build a simple application. The example application will encompass some of the techniques you've already learned -- such as dependency injection -- but will primarily demonstrate features of Spring MVC.

The Spring series, Part 2: When Hibernate meets Spring

by jpcaruana
Naveen Balani continues his Spring series with a how-to guide to integrating Hibernate transactions with Spring aspect-oriented programming (AOP). The result is a persistence framework you can count on.

The Spring series, Part 1: Introduction to the Spring framework

by jpcaruana (via)
Start to build lightweight, robust J2EE applications using Spring technology, with this first installment in a three-part introduction to the Spring framework. Regular developerWorks contributor Naveen Balani launches his three-part Spring series with an introduction to the Spring framework, including Spring aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and the Inversion of Control (IOC) container.

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