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Git - Fast Version Control System

by Spone & 2 others
Welcome to the Git version control system! Here we will briefly introduce you to Git usage based on your current Subversion knowledge. You will need the latest Git installed; There is also a potentially useful tutorial in the Git documentation.


Google Open Source Blog: Export a Git Project to Google Code

by piouPiouM
Marche à suivre pour utiliser Google Code en tant que miroir d'un projet Git.


WebDav Autoversioning

by lecyborg
A while back I stumbled upon a lesser known feature of SVN and WebDav, but didn’t have the time to blog about it until now. WebDAV and SVN is an exceedingly useful tool as we all know, and pretty damn easy to setup, see here. But what if you could have everything entered into the WebDav repository automatically versioned into a repository. Well you can! And the good news is, it’s really really easy.

2007 ActiveWarehouse Example with Rails SVN Logs

by greut, 1 comment

This article covers how to build a simple ActiveWarehouse data warehouse using the Subversion logs from the Rails project.

Time to forget about data normalization

How to backup your Wordpress blog using Subversion

by tonnaje
We all do backups of our Wordpress database... However, this article adds an interesting twist: using Subversion to store the SQL dump file.

Supprimer les dossiers .svn subversion

by camel & 4 others, 1 comment
find . -name '.svn' | xargs rm -rf est la commande en question !

Supprimer les dossiers .svn subversion

by lecyborg & 4 others, 1 comment
find . -name '.svn' | xargs rm -rf est la commande en question !

Re: [vox-tech] subversion - setting the svn:ignore property

by phaitour
svn propset svn:ignore "$(svn propget svn:ignore .) *.swp

Subversion Cheat Sheet

by camel & 8 others
Un résumé total de l'utilisation de Subversion

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