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65 vidéos pour apprendre à développer en Objective-C - La Ferme du web

by Hieroglyphe & 1 other

Voici une liste de 65 tutorials vidéos vous permettant d'apprendre à développer en Objective-C pour ensuite pouvoir créer vos propres applications iPhone et iPad natives.


Google Open Source Blog: Export a Git Project to Google Code

by piouPiouM
Marche à suivre pour utiliser Google Code en tant que miroir d'un projet Git.

Facebook PHP Tutorial

by holyver
I will cover the basics of using the Facebook PHP library and how to get your application started, including: 1. Installing The Facebook Developer Application 2. Downloading The Facebook PHP Client Library 3. Creating Your Application 4. Hello Facebook! Example 5. FBML - Facebook Markup Language 6. Using the Facebook API

Write your first FaceBook App!

by holyver (via)
I recently tried to get my hands dirty with Facebook application development platform. I know there are a bunch of resources available on the web to help you in the process, but when I was trying get my tiny app to work, I realized there were a few things which aren’t explained too well on I am writing down the step-by-step guide that you can use to create your first Facebook application and join the club!

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