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January 2007

1.0/SQLAlchemy - TurboGears Documentation

by pvergain
Using SQLAlchemy in TurboGears The simplest way to get started using SQLAlchemy is to quickstart new project with --sqlalchemy switch: tg-admin quickstart --sqlalchemy (Or more briefly: tg-admin quickstart -s) This switch sets up your properly for using SQLAlchemy. If you said yes to the identity prompt, you'll get the ActiveMapper version of the identity tables. Now change the value of sqlalchemy.dburi to point to a valid database connection. To init the database schema you need to run: tg-admin sql create If you're converting a project from SQLObject to SQLAlchemy, we recommend that you quickstart a new project and then copy in the identity tables piece by piece.

Download TurboGears

by pvergain (via)
Note: A part of TurboGears relies on Pyrex, which has not yet been updated to accommodate changes in Python 2.5. Python 2.4 remains the recommended Python version. If you already have Python installed, there're only 2 steps to install TurboGears: 1. Download the script. 2. Run on Windows, or run python on *nix or Mac. There are some additional install instructions. Choose the instructions that match your setup:

December 2006

TurboGears Book

by pvergain
This book will help experienced Web developers get productive with TurboGears fast. You�ll quickly build your first TurboGears Web application�then extend it one step at a time, mastering the multiple TurboGears frameworks that make these enhancements possible. Next, the authors demonstrate TurboGears at work in one of today's most advanced open source, real-world TurboGears programs: the Fast Track project status tracker. Finally, you�ll gain deep insight into the Python model, viewer, and controller technologies TurboGears is built upon: knowledge that will help you build far more robust and capable Python applications. Coverage includes: * Understanding the architecture of a TurboGears application * Mastering SQLObject, customizing it, and using it with TurboGears models * Utilizing TurboGears view technologies, including dynamic templates and MochiKit for Ajax * TurboGears Widgets: Bringing CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript together in reusable components * CherryPy and TurboGears controller technologies: from decorators to deployment * Exploring the TurboGears toolbox * Ensuring security and identity in TurboGears applications

November 2006

TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development

by pvergain & 15 others
Create a database-driven, ready-to-extend application in minutes. All with designer friendly templates, easy AJAX on the browser side and on the server side, not a single SQL query in sight with code that is as natural as writing a function.

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