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Pièces détachées ALANKO

by dzc
pièces auto neuves ou rénovés de l'équipementier allemand Alanko : turbo, démarreur, alternateur, compresseur, ...


Video: BMW M3 Turbo 600rwhp (750bhp)

by l3fff
Our Record Breaking HPF 750 turbo kit is available (beginning March 2007) to the public that makes a staggering 750bhp (600rwhp @ 11psi). This kit provides a reliable and daily driveable 420bhp increase in power through the stock engine and stock exhaust. Our kit provides 3 times the power gain of most supercharger kits sold today. This kit comes pre-configured with two power settings. A pump gas (500rwhp - 625bhp @ 5.5psi) map is the basic setting designed to run on 91 octane fuel or better. A keyed race fuel switch is provided that when activated and race fuel (110 octane or better) is in the tank a heart pounding 750bhp is laid to the ground.

Historias del Motor: Jean Ragnotti: El Acróbata

by HistoriasDelMotor
Jean Ragnotti es uno de los pilotos más carismáticos de los 80. Es el que mejor sabe manejar el Renault Clio y el Renault 5 Turbo y un piloto que supo ganarse al público con su humor y su forma de ser. Del que hay muchas anécdotas de bromas con sus co


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