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January 2008

Montages de kits - Personnalisations

by irols
S’offrir ou offrir un bel objet artisanal d’exception pour marquer un événement spécial (mariage, anniversaire, Noël, fête des pères, départ à la retraite, sortie club, course, concours d’élégance…) c’est possible avec !

December 2007

November 2007

October 2007

September 2007

Power PostgreSQL - PerfList

by ogrisel (via)
This is a set of rules of thumb for setting up your PostgreSQL 8.0 server. A lot of the below is based on anecdotal evidence or practical scaling tests; there's a lot about database performance that we, and OSDL, are still working out. However, this should get you started. All information below is useful as of January 12, 2005 and will likely be updated later. Discussions of settings below supercede the recommendations I've made on General Bits.

July 2007


by irols & 2 others
Colorisez votre iPhone, Wii ou PS3 !

June 2007

Surviving 100,000 instant Visitors on a Budget

by holyver (via)
Last Sunday I casually wrote a post about the most common pitfalls in photography. I had written the post a long time ago, but I never put it on this site. The story ended up on the front page of Digg, stayed there for nearly 12 hours and was picked up by a bunch of secondary sources, resulting in 100,000 Visitors within a day (most of them within the first 12 hours). Trying to keep my server up and alive, I learned a lot about what it takes to keep the server alive, hence I decided to slide a non photography related post in, hopefully giving everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation some points to consider.

Pixel Cars, Manga Cars and Other Pixel Art - Pixel Car Art

by irols
Hello and welcome to Pixel Car Art, like most other online communities you must Register to view the rest of the forum or post in our community, but do not worry this is a simple free process that does not require alot of information.

May 2007

Extreme Toys

by irols
Please explore our exciting selection of EXTREME CUSTOM TOYS. We hope you'll enjoy owning them as much as we enjoy creating them!

Volkswagen startklar: Home

by irols (via)
Der startklar Soundmixer Kunterbunter Polo-Cup Das Soundmix-Archiv Car-Designer Polo BlueMotion


by irols
Simulateur jantes vitres et hauteur à partir d'une banque de modèles : vinyl stisker art - decoration mural - autocollant ipod

by irols
Les vinyls/stickers sont des autocollants que vous pouvez utiliser pour toutes sortes de customisation et décoration. Nous vous proposons des vinyls adhésifs pour Ipod, pour dessus d'ordinateur portable, pour vos murs, votre voiture, votre frigo... les applications sont quasi illimitées.

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