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June 2008


by springnet & 1 other
Tumble-hybrid Deuce is a cleaned up version of the original Tumble-hybrid theme. Please follow the directions outlined in the original Tumble-hybrid post to install and use this theme.

February 2008

HelloTxt - Home

by springnet & 6 others
post simultaneously to twitter, jaiku, pownce, plaxo, facebook, tumblr and a bunch more

August 2007

Springnet Tumblr Blog

by springnet
musings from Paul Terry Walhus, Austin, Texas IT guy and web host and web developer on the Austin scene, the webosphere, the blogosphere, and web 2.0.

Pownce : Paul Terry W.

by springnet
pownce page of Paul Terry Walhus or springnet a web developer and one man IT Dept in Austin, Texas

July 2007

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