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June 2007

TravellerLand Leisure

by phyllis_san_siro
TravellerLand Leisure site

January 2007

¥€$ Change

by la vadrouille & 1 other
un site excellent pour pour le change des devises : de trés nombreuses infos sur les devises du monde entier, de trés bons cours de change sans commissions ; On peurt acheter en ligne ou se rendre auprès de bureaux de change partenaires.

November 2006

¥€$ CHANGE : Change de devises en ligne.

by seeglobe & 1 other (via)
Spécialiste du change des devises, Yes Change vous propose des cours de change (billets et travellers chèques), des services et toutes les informations nécessaire pour le change de vos devises. Commandez vos devises en ligne, pour les recevoir à domicile ou pour les retirer auprès des bureaux de change sélectionnés.

September 2006

traveller : Spn : Water From The Well : fic

by Olivia
Post DT fic. Interesting original characters.

August 2006


by phyllis_san_siro
National Geographic Traveller

July 2006

traveller : Spn : Vespers : fic

by Olivia
Rituale Romanum part four. Sam/Dean. Beautiful.

traveller : Spn : Little Pink Houses For You And Me : fic

by Olivia
Beautiful. Pretty much the definitive Sam/Dean story, right here.

traveller : Spn : Chartreuse : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Really beautiful. I love this villanelle-esque structure. I've been trying to find a way to use it, myself, actually, but kinda pointless now, as I could never do it as well as this. And tornadoes.. great mind thinks alike, I guess. Nice.

traveller : Spn : leaving louisiana in the broad daylight : fic

by Olivia
Dean-centric het. Oblique Sam/Dean. Wonderful. Perfect. Everything I wish I'd written. She sees and feels her imagery and stories and ideas in a way that feels very familiar to me. She uses words in ways I grasp at, but can't catch. Excellent.

traveller : Spn : The Beekeeper's Daughter : fic

by Olivia
Really beautiful short story, full of intense and precise imagery. Such control and finesse. Professional-level fiction. Awesome.

traveller : Spn : rituale romanum : fic

by Olivia
Part one in an AU where the Brothers Winchesters are priests. Clever, but not gimmicky. Insightful, excellent characterization, conception. Skilled, as always.

June 2006

traveller : spn : any which way you can : fic

by Olivia
Fighting, and fighting. Cee has command over her style and language; her skill is precise -- what to show, what not to say. She sometimes sacrifices the emotional involvement of the reader for style, but her stories are always interesting, good.

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