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April 2006

March 2006

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Social Signal to teach strategic blogging workshop in B.C. this May

by marshallkirkpatrick
A write up on an upcoming 4 day workshop on strategic use of blogs. Taught by some very smart people.

February 2006

ISO 17799 and BS7799 Online Guide - The ISO17799 Guide

by xenomorph
This site is a public 'open' initiative, known as a 'wiki', and is designed to document ISO17799 and BS7799, inclusive of implementation and certification issues. It is a public access site, meaning that YOU can contribute and assist. You are free and able to improve existing pages, and create additional pages (see QwikiSyntax for details on how to do this). We hope that together we can create the definitive guide to the standards.

Is Intel chatting to Hamas?

by zboog
WE ARE INTERESTED to note that the story that Intel is to set up a $1 million training facility in the Gaza Strip was picked up by AP today and has subsequently appeared in a number of news outlets, including on these very pages.

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Communication Training

by xenomorph & 1 other
Do-It-Yourself Communications Tips and Training

September 2005