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April 2009

Google Employee Alleged To Have Bypassed AdWords Trademark Policy For Own Benefit

by kuroyagi
"Doing more checking, Schoemaker found a LinkedIn profile where Farrell listed himself as working as a Google AdWords account strategist. That’s since changed (Schoemaker says it was changed the day he filed suit), but here’s how it looked from a screenshot that Schoemaker sent me:"


by kuroyagi
"違反者のFacebookの友達の多くがGoogleのAdWords部門で働いていることをSchoemakerの友人が発見したのだ。そこでLinkedInの(キャッシュされた)プロフィールを調べると、違反者自身がGoogleの「AdWords アカウント・ストラテジスト」という職についていることが記録されていた。ただしこの肩書きはその後、削除されている。Googleのニューヨーク支社に電話したところ、たしかにその名前の社員が名簿に載っていることがわかった。違反者はGoogle社員ではないかというSchoemakerの疑いはますます強まった。"

October 2008

Trademark Protection Using AdGooroo

by kuroyagi
"While bidding on someone else’s brand is something that Google generally (but not always) permits, using a brand in an ad is generally not permitted"

March 2008

International Ski School loses trademark case

by pmdm
The Grenoble civil appeals court has ruled against the SIMS (Syndicat international des moniteurs de ski) and its president Philippe Camus in a trademark dispute. The trademarks “Écoles de ski internationale” and “ESI snowboard award école de ski internationale” were registered in 1994 by Michel Vachez an independent ski instructor based at l’Alpe-d’Huez. M. Vachez formed the first ski school independent of the Ecole de Ski Francais (ESF) in 1974. The judgment has forbidden the SIMS from using this trademarks with a 500 € fine for each contravention.

February 2008


by kuroyagi

January 2008

Statistics on Trademarks

by pmdm
These statistics are based on information provided to WIPO by national and regional trademark offices via annual statistical questionnaires.

Domain Name / Nom de domaine !: Germany: Online platforms may use third parties' trademarks in AdWords

by pmdm
Users "do not get the idea that specific goods or services are going to be labeled "Esoteris." Yet this would be a prerequisite for assuming use as a trademark. The court found the trademark "Esoteris" is thus not used as a trademark."

株式会社デジタルスケープ : デジタルスケープ、大好評セミナーシリーズ「Web研」第4回を開催 :

by kuroyagi
"「Web研」とは、漫画研究会(漫研)や広告研究会のように、テーマを持って集まる会をイメージして名づけ、スタートしました。" 先行する他の集まりを知らないのかな。浅い。

Variety Japan | オーバーチュア・フィルムズが潤沢な長期製作資金獲得

by kuroyagi
"オーバーチュアは、ベテラン業界人クリス・マクガークとダニー・ロセットによって設立され、2006年終わりに映画製作会社としての業務を開始した。最初の劇場映画で銀行強盗コメディの“Mad Money”は1月18日に公開される。"

CATCH US IF YOU CAN !!!: Community Trademark Courts in Italy: the Vuitton cases

by pmdm
par Stefano Sandri "Court of Turin and Court of Rome lately decided on the protection of the Vuitton monogram in two counterfeiting cases."

Yahoos settle trademark suit | CNET

by kuroyagi (via)
"That's a switch from August 1996, when the cake company asked a Texas federal judge to make Yahoo change the style of its logo and stop using its name on the Net."

Hungry For Yahoo? Feed Yourself From Ya-Hoo! Baking Co.

by kuroyagi
"Notice, part of the Ya-Hoo! name is the exclamation point at the end. The main difference between Yahoo! and Ya-Hoo! is the hyphen separating "Ya" and "Hoo.""

SPICY IP: Candico's sticky trademark dispute over its 'Big Bubble' chewing gum

by pmdm
Extrait de la décision citée par Spicy IP : "We are of the view that it is for the applicant (Candico) to prove that if the mark is allowed to continue on the register it would affect their right. In fact it is seen that after a cease and desist notice was issued the applicants (Candico) have only initiated a suit against the first respondents (Perfetti). It is clear that the applicant was not facing any legal threat and so cannot be said to be an aggrieved person."

Trademark can't be claimed on common words: Bombay HC-India-The Times of India

by pmdm
En Inde, "Magnum" est refusé à l'enregistrement en classe 34 : "We are of the view that the word "Magnum" is of common usage and purely descriptive," said the judges, adding, "It can serve as an indication of character or quality or value of the goods since one of its laudatory and descriptive meaning is 'great'. Such words/ marks should not be registered (as a trademark)."

Czech government says sale of brewer Budvar not the agenda - MarketWatch

by pmdm
PRAGUE (MarketWatch) -- The Czech government now views the privatization of state-owned brewer Budejovicky Budvar NP and its prized 'Budweiser' trademark rights as an issue for the next government, representatives of the Agriculture Ministry, which controls the brewer, said Friday.

WorldNetDaily: Teen claims invention of Obama slogan

by pmdm (via)
"according to U.S. trademark No. 3,266,236, that slogan belongs to Stefan Doyno, a Scarsdale, N.Y., resident who invented the jewelry products – rings and pendants – and is working on expanding his line. As part of his work he obtained "Change Rocks" as a registered trademark"

AGIPNEWS5347 2007 Trademark Registrations Go Up in Jordan (Intellectual Property News Agency)

by pmdm
The number of trademark applications submitted to the Directorate in 2007 totaled 9137 compared to 8013 in 2006; the increase's percentage reached up to 16%.

AGIPNEWS5346 INTA Welcomes New President (Intellectual Property News Agency)

by pmdm
The International Trademark Association (INTA) welcomed in a press release Rhonda A. Steele as the 2008 President of the Association. Steele, Marketing Properties Manager for Mars Incorporated’s Asia-Pacific region, is INTA’s first Australian President

December 2007

Chinese court dismisses trademark suit against Google | Tech news blog - CNET

by pmdm
A Beijing company called Gu Ge Technology sued Google China earlier this year, claiming that its Chinese name, "Gu Ge" was confusingly similar to its own name.

Southeast Texas Record | Legally Speaking: Santa Claus is coming to town, and he's bringing a lawyer

by pmdm
"It all began back in 2000, when a British company called Father Christmas applied to the USPTO for trademark protection for the name "Santa Claus" for use of its Web site, "

'Girls Gone Wine' partners sue 'Girls Gone Wild' over trademark | ScrippsNews

by pmdm
By NOLAN CLAY The Oklahoman Monday, December 17, 2007


by kuroyagi

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