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Your teddy bear has thousands of things to tell you.


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From budding builders to aspiring architects, the new Nelson blocks will kindle your children’s creativity and build a new generation of designers, inventors, and artists. Share your creative inspiration with the Tegu Team and you could win the Nelson set of your choice---and unleash your inner child in the process. 

AREAWARE Cubebot - Medium - Style # DWC1, Modern and contemporary kid's accessories at

by sbrothier
Robot toys are usually made of plastic and require batteries - but not this one! Inspired by the Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, the Cubebot is a non-traditional take on the toy robot by joining ancient Japanese traditions with contemporary toy culture.


The Brothers Brick | LEGO Blog | LEGO news, custom creations, MOCs, set reviews, and more!

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The Brothers Brick is a LEGO blog for adult fans of LEGO. Though we started out back in 2005 featuring mainly minifigs, today we highlight the best LEGO creations of every type from builders around the world, including ever-popular LEGO Star Wars, steampunk, and mecha creations. You can also find the latest LEGO news, opinions, and reviews right here on The Brothers Brick.


Hubert de Lartigue : pas à pas "X-wing"

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Ne vous est-il jamais arrivé de triturer un vieux ticket de métro entre deux stations ? Moi je l'ai fait durant six mois (en 2004 année magique) en me demandant comment lui donner une forme cool.


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From the 17th of May, Bandai are to release a new series of trading figures in the form of kanji that transforms into its animal counterpart. The product is called "Mojibakeru" [もじバケる] which is a compound word of "Moji" [文字] meaning "character" and "Bakeru" [化ける] meaning "to change into."


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My name is Ron Rementilla and I run to help guide people find the best free papercrafts on the web and promote the works of prominent and up-and-coming paper modelers, even the obscured ones.


Canon France - Animaux 3D Paper Art

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Créez vos propres animaux en papier : de mignons petits animaux amusants à fabriquer. Choisissez parmi les chiens ou les autres animaux plus exotiques. Lorsque vous aurez fini de les fabriquer, pourquoi ne pas leur donner un nom ? Faites entrer le zoo chez vous grâce à de superbes maquettes d'animaux.

Fwis • Readymech Series 002

by jdrsantos & 14 others
Readymechs are free, flatpack toys for you to print and build. They are designed to fit on an 8.5"x11" page and printed with any printer. You’ll need double-sided tape, thick matte paper, and 10-15 minutes for build time.

Papertoys (PaperCraft) à télécharger - Jean Claude Attitude

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Voici quelques liens ou vous pouvez trouver des papertoys, cette liste est mise à jour régulièrement

minor details: when kids (and parents) need to release

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One thing that really caught my eye this past weekend was the PUNCH'N'CUDDLE. It comes in two sizes : big and small. It's a cross between a bean bag and punching bag. The look is really nice and the concept is even better. Watch the video below to get the full picture!

by sbrothier
A travers les “Ateliers Reinette”, je vous présente mes recherches, mes créations. Suite à des études d’art (en céramique, fresque, moulage, graphisme) et après une petite pause avec l’arrivée de mes deux filles, je me lance aujourd’hui dans la création d’objets textiles, projet que j’avais depuis plusieurs années.


unazukin products information

by sbrothier
Unazukin is good listener. She always listens to your story with nodding, or shaking her head


by sbrothier (via)
Experts reckon modern living affects your ability to make decisions. And they might be right - we can't decide. The point is we're always having to choose between yes, no and maybe. Annoying, yes? Thankfully our good friends in Japan have created Unazukins - impossibly cute little collectable dolls that help you make decisions by responding to your questions with a nod or shake of the head.


by evilmonkeypaw
Covers Marx toys, especially the awesome Johnny West series of toys

JBOOK: [kokuyotoipogurahui] 

by sbrothier
It is the strange vision unrestricted building block where as for “[toipogurahui]”, when the part is rearranged, the English word becomes Chinese character of the same meaning, becomes the picture. While rearranging small and large various parts, playing pleasantly, it can cultivate the creativity of the children by experiencing the work of producing new shape. The material uses the Buna material where the Hokkaido product is selected, has become the completion where you can feel feeling good quality in material feeling such as touch. Not only the child way, also the adult moves the hand personally, by the fact that you think, everyone and others creativity (the flash) can forge pleasantly. 

Dolls : un album photos sur Flickr

by sbrothier
Hand painted in acrylic on linen or cotton.

Nathan Sawaya : Lego Sculptures

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Nathan Sawaya spoke with CNN about creating sculpture using LEGO bricks: "This sculpture depicts an individual breaking out of a gray box, much like one may break out of a depression or a challenging situation."

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