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by gregg
HearUsHere is an augmented audio platform for iPhone and Android. It uses GPS coordinates to place sounds and an adjustable radius towards every sounds to change volume when you are within the radius of the sound.

Pandasuite | Create apps for tablets without a line of code

by gregg
Beginners or experts, enjoy Pandasuite to power your ideas, enhance your contents and offer engaging reading experience. Like never before.


by gregg & 2 others
Inform is a design system for interactive fiction based on natural language. It is a radical reinvention of the way interactive fiction is designed, guided by contemporary work in semantics and by the practical experience of some of the world's best-known writers of IF.

Storyform / Tell better stories

by gregg
Integrate Storyform with your existing site and transform static blog posts and photos into immersive narratives -- all with the click of a button. Choose from a host of templates with full screen video and imagery and let Storyform do the rest.

FlameFy, Distribuez vos Scénarios Interactifs!

by gregg
Donnez vie à vos Scénarios Interactifs! Scénarisez et automatisez votre communication multi-canal


by gregg
Conducttr is an interactive multiplatform storytelling tool that’s invisible to audiences.

WordPress › Aesop Story Engine « WordPress Plugins

by gregg & 1 other
The Aesop Story Engine is a suite of open-sourced tools and components that empower developers and writers to build feature-rich, interactive, long-form storytelling themes for WordPress. At the heart of ASE are the suite of storytelling components, which are created on the fly while crafting posts within WordPress.

Story Engine « Aesop

by gregg
ASE is an open-sourced suite of tools that empowers developers to build feature-rich, interactive, long-form storytelling themes for WordPress.

Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories

by gregg & 1 other
Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. You don't need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you're ready. Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere. Anything you create with it is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.


Resources | Open Documentary Lab at MIT

by gregg
nterested in learning more about digital documentary? Below you’ll find resources about the field, funding, festivals, digital tools and storytelling platforms, as well as community media. We plan to keep this guide as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible, so if we’re missing a resource, please drop us a line to let us know.


by gregg & 1 other
Make beautiful multimedia stories for apps, ebooks, and the Web with a free Creatavist account. Exemple :

Tumult Hype

by gregg & 4 others
Using Tumult Hype, you can create beautiful HTML5 web content. Interactive content and animations made with Tumult Hype work on desktops, smartphones and iPads. No coding required.

Twine: a tool for creating interactive stories

by gregg
Create your own interactive stories with Twine, the same tool used to produce the stories on this Web site. Think Visually Twine lets you organize your story graphically with a map that you can re-arrange as you work. Links automatically appear on the map as you add them to your passages, and passages with broken links are apparent at a glance.


Meograph: Four-dimensional storytelling

by gregg
Easily Create , Playback & Share beautiful stories in context of Where and When. the storytelling format is a compelling mishmash: timeline + audio + Google Maps + images + video+ hyperlinks (for adding more context and linking to stories).


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