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26 November 2006 22:00


by knann & 1 other
Enter any url (Your blog?) and annote it. Fleck allows you to add a small note to any page on the web. Then you can send this annotated page to your friends or use it in your blog. Use it for researching the web?? Works best with Firefox

26 November 2006 14:00

Science and ICT on SuprGlu

by knann (via)
A sample Suprglu page from a primary school teacher in Australia


by knann & 399 others (via)
Rss aggregator, web start page, widgets, etc. Now has ability to share your personalized tabs.

26 November 2006 13:00

Welcome to Wikispaces - Wikis for Everyone

by knann & 19 others (via)
Probably the best wiki tool for education. They are also giving away 100,00 free wikis for grades K-12

26 November 2006 11:00

09 November 2006 08:00

Springdoo – Video says it better

by knann & 1 other
Online audio and/or video email or post to blog service.

08 November 2006 12:00


by knann & 2 others (via)
Audio and video podcasting service. Create audio over the phone. Record video online. Post to blog automatically.

Gcast. Make your voice heard.

by knann & 4 others (via)
We'll store all your audio and automatically generate your podcast channel. We offer many ways to add to your podcast channel: Record messages by phone (never touch a computer!) Upload MP3 files from your computer Add "podsafe" songs from Mix all the above with our online playlist manager Whether you're podcasting a 30-sec phone message or a 30-min radio show, you can publish it with Gcast for FREE. We'll store your media and automatically generate the "RSS feed" that enables listeners to "tune in" to your podcast channel.

Record by phone with

by knann & 1 other is a podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content. Most people will use a touch-tone telephone to make their recordings but we also provide worldwide access to the service through VoIP. Once you have made a recording and have published it, a newsfeed is immediately and automatically updated to alert subscribers to your channel.

YackPack - For Education

by knann & 1 other
Students & Teachers Stay Connected Motivate students, Give quality feedback with ease Communicate clearly with students, parents, and administrators

07 November 2006 11:00


by knann
Multi-platform, open-source virtual meeting service. Can run on on server.

05 November 2006 14:00


by knann
This one incredible tool. Allows you to create interactive points in either a .mp3 or flash file. These points can contain more information, comments, links, even other media files.....Lots of implications for the classroom.

02 November 2006 10:00


by knann
Frantically managing and organizing homework is a waste of time. Instead of spending time trying to figure out what homework to do, let Gradefix do that for you. Simply add your homework tasks and Gradefix will work them into your schedule. The best students prepare for the insane school weeks far ahead of time. The Gradefix algorithm will automatically calculate how to balance your load and get everything done.

31 October 2006 17:00

Our Video Toolkit

by knann
In consultation with community groups, Our Video has developed an accessible "Toolkit" through which communities can produce their own video and multi media content, at low cost and distribute it across the internet. Ourvideo is a project with several strands. A Community Video Site Where you can View the Videos and websites of our participating groups. The "Your Video Toolkit" An On-line resources for the production of Community Video.

31 October 2006 16:00

Tioti: Tape It Off The Internet

by knann & 4 others
We currently index 1,600 TV shows - 90,000 episodes - and we are matching everything up with content sources like iTunes, AOL and Amazon Unbox - with more to come. Our beta feature set allows you to do exactly what it says on the tin and do it in style. With integrated message boards, groups, personalised badges and an extensive API, we have lots more great stuff coming soon too.

31 October 2006 12:00


by knann (via)
What is Tabblo? Your photos. Your words. Put them together with Tabblo and tell your story. Start with professionally designed templates and powerful editing tools to compose online photo albums, or tabblos. Your tabblos can be shared with friends and family, printed as posters or prints, or published to blogs or websites.

My Video Email is Free - Video Express Email

by knann (via)
What will they think of next? What are the implications for the classroom?

31 October 2006 11:00


by knann & 3 others (via)
Scan, copy and fax with your camera phone or digital camera... What are the applications for classroom use?

04 October 2006 10:00


by knann & 12 others
Find some sounds you like. Record sounds, compose songs, listen to music, make remixes... all through this browser window.

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