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Specctr | Blueprints for the Web: extend Photoshop, and Illustrator

by sbrothier & 1 other
Instantly annotate and measure right from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Fireworks. Now available in Creative Cloud.


Plugins for Adobe Illustrator to speed up workflow - Astute Graphics

by sbrothier
Makers of award winning, time saving and creative tools such as Phantasm, VectorScribe, MirrorMe and many more.


World-Ready Composer in Adobe CS4 | Phinney on Fonts

by sbrothier
This is a guide to options and tools for laying out global text in the CS4 versions of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. None of them are obvious or documented in the regular versions of the application, but there are a dizzying variety of options: templates; scripts; InDesign plug-​​ins; and special “ME” versions of applications. Prices range from free to more expensive than the base version of the application. This will help you figure out which might be right for your needs, and even provide some basic tools to help you get started, if your needs are not too extensive.

Gamme Adobe Touch App | Outils tactiles | Touch Apps

by sbrothier
Créez, modifiez et présentez du contenu sous son meilleur jour à l'aide des six nouvelles Adobe® Touch Apps conçues pour votre tablette.Que vous utilisiez un stylet ou le doigt, des fonctions tactiles intuitives vous permettent de maîtriser facilement diverses tâches de création. Transférez des fichiers via Adobe Creative Cloud pour les retravailler dans Adobe Creative Suite® — ou pour les visualiser, y accéder ou les partager, où que vous soyez.²



Conde Nast to use Adobe Publishing Tools for Tablets | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD

by sbrothier
Here’s a win for Adobe, which could use one: Condé Nast, which has been testing the software company’s tablet publishing tool against a homegrown version, is going to use Adobe’s offering instead.


PixelNovel Timeline - Version Control System for Adobe Photoshop PSD files. Subversion for designers

by sbrothier
PixelNovel Timeline is version control for designers PixelNovel Timeline is smoothly integrated into Adobe Photoshop and features a unique user interface, letting you see all versions of your files without switching away from the Photoshop window.

Extract colors from photos and make color schemes | ColorSuckr

by ycc2106
Get results as RSS, JSON or XML Download Adobe .ASE swatch file Permalink to this color scheme

Adobe® BrowserLab

by Jeremy B. & 1 other
Preview and test your web pages on leading browsers and operating systems

Adobe Labs - Adobe BrowserLab

by claire_ & 1 other
BrowserLab provides web designers exact renderings of their web pages in multiple browsers and operating systems, on demand. BrowserLab is a powerful solution for cross-browser compatibility testing, featuring multiple viewing and comparison tools, as well as customizable preferences. Since BrowserLab is an online service, it can be accessed from virtually any computer connected to the web. Also, Adobe Dreamweaver® CS4 software users have access to additional functionality such as testing local and active content.

PS-Scripts: Photoshop Scripting Community

by sbrothier (via)
PS-Scripts is a community resource site for photoshop scripting and photoshop automation. Use the links above to explore the site and visit our photoshop scripting and automation forums

Adobe Photoshop Scripts | Trevor Morris Photographics

by sbrothier
Below you'll find more than a dozen free scripts for Adobe Photoshop CS and higher. All scripts are very well commented, making them easy to modify and/or learn from.

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