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by Spone & 1 other (via)
Shoes is a cross-platform toolkit for writing graphical apps easily and artfully using Ruby. Unlike most other GUI toolkits, Shoes is designed to be easy and straightforward without losing power. Really, it’s easy!


SadMan Software

by feision
Search Small Screen Shot Searches text files for strings and combination of strings. Has useful or / and / and not search combinations, and can also use regular expressions. New in version 3, is the built-in viewer / editor that highlights the matched strings and lines. More » XChange Small Screen Shot Do you need to change some text that could be in hundreds of text files? XChange can replace many text strings in many files in a single operation. More » XChangeCL Do you want all the power of XChange, but need a command-line interface? XChangeCL could be just what you need! More »


GnomeFiles: Clear Looks Theme - Gnome/Gtk+ Software Repository

by macroron
An attractive gtk engine with a focus on usability. Clearlooks will transform your GNOME desktop into an attractive looking and usable environment.

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