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21 December 2005 - Read Email In Your Aggregator

by gweb & 1 other
This service gives you an email address that can be read by an RSS 2.0 aggregator, and you don't even have to register.

16 December 2005

by gweb & 12 others
Free RSS Pinging to All Major Directories


by gweb & 9 others
nativetext is an online community where you can publish or read any document in any language. Translated by humans, not software.

15 December 2005

by gweb & 5 others
RSSHut is a collection of RSS feeds including a powerful members area where users can read, manage, and add their favorite RSS feeds.


by gweb & 8 others
The Feed2Podcast engine instantly turns your blog's RSS feed into a Podcast.

04 December 2005

03 December 2005

Welcome to News Alloy

by gweb & 23 others

30 November 2005


by gweb
One place for all your feeds

26 November 2005

FeedFeeds(BETA): Feed Your Feeds!

by gweb & 3 others
a Free online Web 2.0 feed aggregator


by gweb & 7 others
Feedexa is a free online feed aggregator

Welcome To MySyndicaat

by gweb
MySyndicaat is a personalized RSS aggregator


by gweb
Pleech is a next-generation web based news aggregator that allows you to easily read and search latest news items.

25 November 2005 - Refreshing Connections

by gweb & 6 others
Blogarithm lets you easily manage all the blogs (or any other pages you'd like!) that you track.


by gweb & 2 others
Rss feed directory and reader

Bot A Blog

by gweb & 11 others
Free blog update notifications by e-mail

22 November 2005


by gweb & 1 other
zurpy lets you organize and share your life online.

21 November 2005

Blauer Bote RSS-Search & OPML Blogs

by JBerni
Use this tool to create an opml file containing rss newsfeeds for a search term. You will get several varieties of opml files.

19 November 2005

LiveFavorites - Online Bookmark Manager

by gweb & 8 others
LiveFavorites is a sleek web-based manager for your bookmarks, RSS feeds / blogs, contacts and memos.

18 November 2005

Blauer Bote Blogs Blog

by JBerni
Blog postings and search feeds for "blog" as an overview.

17 November 2005

by gweb & 16 others
It sends you an instant message whenever any RSS or Atom feed you want to monitor changes.

09 November 2005

04 November 2005

SuprGlu - Gluing your life together.

by gweb & 34 others
gathers your content from popular webservices and publishes them in one convenient place.

03 November 2005

Orangoo feedreader

by gweb & 5 others
Orangoo is a simple web-based feed reader.

by gweb & 7 others
Opmlmanager is an online webservice that makes maintaining your own opml-file very easy.

MonitorThis (beta)

by gweb & 10 others
With MonitorThis you can subscribe to 15 different search engine feeds at the same time.

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