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by jdrsantos & 6 others
CleverCSS is a small markup language for CSS inspired by Python that can be used to build a style sheet in a clean and structured way. In many ways it's cleaner and more powerful than CSS2 is.


codebackup 1.0b1 | Python Package Manager (PyPM) Index | ActiveState Code

by Xavier Lacot
A simple tool to backup your Github and Bitbucket repositories, which might save in a massive crash situation...


Have unique descriptive page titles at Spindrop

by Xavier Lacot
A python script to determine how unique the page titles of a website are. For instance, "python"

A Unix Utility You Should Know About: Pipe Viewer - good coders code, great reuse

by greut & 4 others

Pipe viewer is a terminal-based tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline. It can be inserted into any normal pipeline between two processes to give a visual indication of how quickly data is passing through, how long it has taken, how near to completion it is, and an estimate of how long it will be until completion.

nifty python tool for you scripting toolbox

true false maybe » SQLAlchemy Migrations

by greut

Here's my quickstart on how to get up and running with sqlalchemy migrations under pylons.

how to set up sqlalchemy-migrate for your application.


NodeBox | Home

by Xavier Lacot & 6 others (via)
NodeBox is a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a PDF, an image or a Quicktime movie. NodeBox is free and well-documented.

Fabric - index

by greut & 1 other (via)

Fabric is a simple pythonic remote deployment tool.

Capistrano-inspired for Python

Tailor - DarcsWiki

by Xavier Lacot (via)
Tailor is a tool to migrate or replicate changesets between ArX, Bazaar, Bazaar-NG, CVS, Codeville, Darcs, Git, Mercurial, Monotone, Subversion and Tla repositories.

ZSFA -- Vellum

by greut

Vellum is a simple build tool like make but written in Python using a simple yet flexible YAML based format. Rather than attempt a full AI engine just to get some software built, I went with the simpler algorithm of a “graph”.

DivmodReverend - Divmod - Trac

by greut

Reverend is a general purpose Bayesian classifier, named after Rev.

Bayesian filtering for your needs, simple and powerful.

Pylot | Open Source Web Performance Tool

by greut & 3 others

Pylot is a free open source tool for testing performance and scalability of web services. It runs HTTP load tests, which are useful for capacity planning, benchmarking, analysis, and system tuning.


jythonconsole - Google Code

by jdrsantos
Jython Console is a Jython Interactive Interpreter that adds Code Completion.

6.5.1 Itertool functions

by greut (via)
groupby should be the swiss knife tool

Python Cheese Shop : 0.6.5

by greut (via)
Tool to create isolated Python environment

easier to post to than a wiki: Using pexpect to control Django

by greut & 1 other
Pexpect, is a pure python module for running external commands and controlling them as if you were a user.

easier to post to than a wiki: Using pexpect to control Django

by jefferson-beta & 1 other
Pexpect, is a pure python module for running external commands and controlling them as if you were a user.

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