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Grilling Tomatoes - Release the flavor with the grill for everything Tomato

by brianwaustin
I know you're thinking that grilling tomatoes sounds at the very best a little strange. Grilling a tomato does so much for the flavor. You simply have to try it to understand. In fact, try this: Take a tomato, cut it in half, and sprinkle with salt and pepper, grill, cut side down for about 5 minutes. Now, take a bit. The flavor of the tomato becomes intensified by grilling it. You also get a great flavor from the browning of the tomato. Since tomatoes are naturally high in sugar the grill caramelizes those sugars and gives the tomato some really great flavor.



Bruschetta con pomodori, tomato toasts

by mestolando
Bruschetta with tomatoes is an apetitizer found in almost every italian restaurant around the world, it’s simple and delicious.

Amatriciana, spicey tomato onion bacon sauce

by mestolando
Amatriciana is spicy hot, and generous in it’s use of strong flavorful ingredients. It has a mix of red onions, pancetta bacon, tomatoes, olive oil and peperoncino which is like red cayenne pepper.

Tomato black olive sauce - video

by mestolando
Black olives, prosciutto ends, porcini mushrooms and tomatoes in this sauce produce several strong flavors, serve this one hot with some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

Tuscan tomato sauce recipe - video

by mestolando
It’s all about the tomatoes, if you can find some ripe mature good looking ones then it will come out perfect! The preparation and cooking time are short and easy.


tomatoes from Professor Lie Ken Jie!!! XD

by ryanne
[thursday, 21 april 2005] thank you, Professor Lie!!!!! i'll always remember your five tomatoes!!!!! (the red font color is called "tomato"!!! lol)

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