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Poop Stream ~~~ Watching the world go down the toilet.

by ycc2106
This site can be basically defined as a "peculiar" social site that gives you the chance to send Tweets about your bathroom. Simple and clear, you just send messages about your bathroom and that is it.


Historische Berliner Urinale

by rike_
Kaum eine Stadt hatte mehr dieser seltsamen, skurrilen Häuschen in der Nähe von Bahnhöfen und öffentlichen Plätzen wie Berlin. Gemeint sind kleine, hohe Häuschen, in der klassischen Form achteckig mit vorgesetzter Blende, fast immer grün und meist ziemlich rostig: Urinale. Sie gehören wie die eigentlichen Denkmäler zu den am verbreitesten, typischsten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt.

Toilet Paper Folder & Dispenser Prototype

by cflick
This is a project built for school from students at (UC Berkeley). Its made of lego mindstorms, scissors, and some scrap metal. Not only does it fold your paper for you, it also cuts it. This video shows two test runs; the first run works well, while the second one could have gone a little smoother...


Wired 13.03: The King of Thrones

by micah
Ashish Kulkarni has a doctorate in chemical engineering. He used to develop plastics for General Electric. Now he's in the bowels of a research facility in central New Jersey, dropping golf balls into a toilet.

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