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Jake's QMail Stuff

by springnet
I use the QMail-Toaster flavor of QMail. This is a package of QMail maintained by Nick Hemmesch, which is geared toward making the setup and install of a QMail mail server a little easier. The official site for QMail-Toaster is here. I liked the way thing

Bill's Linux Qmail Toaster

by springnet
What this toaster does and does not do: This "howto" will walk you through building a Linux Qmail "Toaster". While these instructions are intended to work with popular Linux distributions, they will probably work on other flavors of Unix without too much | Qmail Toaster makes mail server setup easy

by springnet
Qmail Toaster has many interesting features. Besides supporting the POP3, SMTP, and IMAP protocols, it supports the more secure POP3-SSL and IMAP-SSL. It can provide SMTP roaming for remote users using SMTP-AUTH, POP3-AUTH, and IMAP-AUTH. Qmail Toaster ha

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