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September 2009

Waste Reduction and Recycling Poster and Sticker Collection

by ycc2106
You can also download posters and stickers and print (or have them printed) yourself! For details on duplicating these images, see Permissions and Restrictions Regarding Duplication, below. A PDF viewer such as the free Adobe Reader is required to open or print PDF files. * Paper Management * Reuse Office Supplies * Close the Loop * Utensil Reuse * Battery Posters and Stickers * Battery Posters and Stickers, Spanish * Fluorescent Lamp and Tube Posters and Stickers * Fluorescent Lamp and Tube Posters and Stickers, Spanish * Medical Waste Posters and Stickers * Costs and Limitations on Mailing * Applicability of Posters and Stickers Outside of California * Permission and Restriction Regarding Duplication

June 2009

Educational Signs to Encourage Double-sided Printing and Copying - Corporate Partnerships - Environmental Defense Fund

by ycc2106
Environmental Defense has created twelve educational signs as part of an effort to reduce copy paper use through our work with Citigroup. Please use the signs in your office to encourage double-sided printing and copying, which reduces paper use, helps the environment and cuts costs.

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