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25 March 2010

BBC Wildlife Magazine

by ghis (via)
Welcome to the complete collection of our Photo Masterclasses. Just click on the images below to download a PDF of each masterclass and your photography skills will soon improve with our experts' advice.

22 March 2010

The top 5 new rules of productivity

by ghis
We all want to increase productivity and get more done with our working hours.

21 March 2010

Speed Up Windows 7 Taskbar Navigation with a Registry Hack - Windows Tip - Lifehacker

by ghis
Windows 7's taskbar is undoubtedly a great addition to Windows, but if you've got more than one application window open, you've got to either click twice or patiently hover to navigate to an open window. Reader Richard details how he fixed this.

18 March 2010

17 March 2010

16 March 2010

15 March 2010

14 March 2010

10 March 2010

06 March 2010

05 March 2010

02 March 2010

26 February 2010

19 February 2010

16 February 2010

Awkward Things I Say To Girls » Blog Archive » Why Geeks Make Good Lovers

by alphoenix
Once people realize this, the sexual revolution that will sweep through western culture will make the seventies look like the fifties, and I’m not talking about wider pants. The reasons why geeks are unparalleled as lovers are simple and many:

15 February 2010

Top 10 Google Settings You Should Know About - Google settings - Lifehacker

by ghis
As the outcry over Google Buzz's privacy has shown us, it's smart to explore settings in Gmail, along with other places you're sharing data with the search giant. Let's take a look at 10 privacy, convenience, and annoyance fixers you should know.

12 February 2010

11 February 2010

10 February 2010

04 February 2010

02 February 2010

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