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February 2006

tuXfiles - the Linux newbie help files, tutorials, and tips

by macroron & 2 others
provides Linux newbie help written in plain English, not in some incomprehensible geeky-tongue.

January 2006

QuirksMode Home

by macroron & 6 others
the personal and professional site of Peter-Paul Koch, freelance web developer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It contains more than 150 pages with CSS and JavaScript tips and tricks, and is one of the best sources on the WWW for studying and defeating bro

December 2005

Beginning JavaScript - codepunk: tutorials +

by macroron
free tutorials on how to make your own website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It also has web development tips and links to great web development freeware and shareware. You'll find something here whether you're a rank beginner or pro.

43 Folders Blog - A bunch of tricks, hacks, and other cool stuff

by macroron & 50 others
about personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better.

The KDE User Guide - an overview of the entire KDE experience.

by macroron
our first point of reference for any simple KDE configuration question, or to find out how to perform a common task. tips and tricks showing you the most useful and impressive features of KDE, and ways to save you time and effort.

Firefox Tutor Blog - Help and Tips for Firefox Users

by macroron & 2 others
articles and tutorials. some topics that will be covered are: Firefox Extensions, Themes, Search Functions, Live Boomarks, and Thunderbird™ E-mail/Newsgroup Functions.

November 2005

Ten RSS Hacks

by macroron & 8 others
10 RSS power user tips that you can use to enhance your life. Some of these you might already know, others you may not.

October 2005

Tips of the IceBurg - FedoraNEWS.ORG

by macroron
This is the place to look for tips on Linux. About the little things that you never thought about asking for.

<-- tips -->

by macroron
dedicated to how to do stuff like customize your X desktop.

September 2005


by macroron & 2 others
Gmail Gems reveals the tips and tricks of Gmail masters. Looking for hints to make using Gmail easier and more efficient? You'll find them here!

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