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Benjamin Han: UNIX Tips for Mac OS X

by nhoizey & 2 others
Here is a list of short tips on using various UNIX tools under Mac OS X

Drown by Debt

by ieee1294
A personal blog, similar to nevblog, that's tracking my fighting and getting out of debt. Includes tips and other information on how I'm fighting it, as well as resources that I use to educate myself on debt. Also includes other personal and business related issues.

Forex Hints, Forex Tips, Market Analysis, News

by goomain (via)
Forex Hint is a new site with daily market analysis, fx tips for beginners.


Genterist - Male Fashion

by genterist
Genterist - male fashion is the center of quality posts about how to dress nicely, manly, sexy and elegant. JUST for MEN

Genterist - Children and Education

by genterist
Genterist - Childrend and education is a serious blog about children, parenting. IT is always good and bad about the gap existing between parents and children. Our job is to provide knowledge of how to turn that gap to a small garden which is full of fun and joy.


Free Website Templates

by abdylas & 1 other
Free Website Templates, Premium Website Templates, PowerPoint Templates, Logo Templates. Tutorials on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, PHP, and CSS. Software Review. Useful Scripts. Cool Links. WebDesign Award.

Andrei Zmievski: Pasting Wrapped URLs

by svartling & 1 other (via)
Here's another Mozilla/Firefox tip: if you copy a URL wrapped over multiple lines from somewhere and try to paste it into the address bar, you will end up only with the first line of it. To fix it, go to about:config and change editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines setting to 3 or add: user_pref("editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines", 3); to your user.js file. Now all the line breaks will be removed upon pasting.

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