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March 2008

TipLine - Gates' Computer Tips

by springnet
Each day during the school year I try to send out a computer tip or two. It's usually a website, but sometimes it's a news item or an Excel tip, etc. You can also find the archive of my tips going back to May of 2005. Please leave a comment to let me know

January 2008

Emma Alvarez Site: Top Best 50 Blogger & Wordpress Customizations Tips ( Hacks )

by springnet
Dynamic Slideshow In Header, A demo can be seen here. This makes a slideshow for the header, making your blog interesting and dynamic.

December 2007

One Blog Many Categories or Many Blogs?

by springnet
Am I better off having one blog site with multiple categories or multiple blog sites highlighting specific interests?’

July 2007

Firefox: Bookmark and Open Multiple Tabs in Firefox - Lifehacker

by springnet
One easily-overlooked feature in Firefox is its ability to bookmark and open tabs as a group. For example, there may be a set of sites you check every day. Or you may be working on a project and want to stop for the day but keep track of all the open page

May 2007

Reply For You: Optimizing Windows XP Services

by springnet
Windows XP starts a lot of different services, as engine of the whole Windows system. However, some of them won't be of any use for you! By quitting those unused services, you can realize higher system performances.

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