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Welcome | Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow | dpBestflow

by ghis & 1 other (via)
dpBestflow™ is the new guide for every aspect of digital imaging technology from ASMP, the leader in education for the professional photographer.

BBC Wildlife Magazine

by ghis (via)
Welcome to the complete collection of our Photo Masterclasses. Just click on the images below to download a PDF of each masterclass and your photography skills will soon improve with our experts' advice.


Lessons Learned Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II :: digitalartwork – Multimedia Journalism

by sbrothier
For the Michael Jackson Memorial piece I worked on, we decided before I left for L.A. that we would use the Canon 5D Mark II to try and push the look of the piece, and to try something new. The first thing I did, is call up a freelancer, Patrick Burke, to run sound. Patrick used to be an AC (Assistant Camera) in L.A. so he came with all the right tools, including a film slate that we used to sync audio from a Marantz PMD660 to the video footage of the 5D.

Amateur Snapper | 10 Top Photography Composition Rules

by Samyra008 (via)
The only rule in photography is that there are no rules. However, there are many composition guidelines which can be applied in almost any situation, to enhance the impact of a scene. Below are ten of the most popular and most widely respected composition 'rules'.



by sbrothier & 2 others
Canon EOS Numerique est un site et un forum de discussions sur la photo numérique dédié aux appareils Canon EOS numeriques. Le site a reçu l'approbation de Canon Belgique, France

Twelve Essential Photographic Rules - - PopPhotoSeptember 2007

by sbrothier
From Sunny 16 to Moony 11, 8, and 5.6, these facts, formulas, and photographic rules can get you out of a jam and help you get good shots when nothing else will.


How to take AWESOME night photos WITHOUT a tripod

by xibe
This instructable will teach you how to use the normal digital camera you already own to take night photos that are not blurry, and without a tripod.

101 Ways… at Digital Photography Tips From The Top Floor

by greut
101 Ways To Improve Your Digital Photography

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