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24 November 2009

Lessons Learned Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II :: digitalartwork – Multimedia Journalism

by sbrothier
For the Michael Jackson Memorial piece I worked on, we decided before I left for L.A. that we would use the Canon 5D Mark II to try and push the look of the piece, and to try something new. The first thing I did, is call up a freelancer, Patrick Burke, to run sound. Patrick used to be an AC (Assistant Camera) in L.A. so he came with all the right tools, including a film slate that we used to sync audio from a Marantz PMD660 to the video footage of the 5D.

15 November 2009

Canon XSi/450D

by ghis
"After agonizing for weeks over which digital single lens reflex camera to buy, I bought the Canon XSi /450D, my first DSLR. The XSi has several improvements over its predecessor: a faster processor, improved nine-point autofocus, Live View with dual autofocus modes, spot metering, a larger LCD screen and a larger, brighter viewfinder. It also has an updated menu system. In these blog entries, I share my settings and experiences with the XSi, as well as what I’ve learned about using a DSLR."

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