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To do list, simple, easy, fast, sharable: Ta-da List

by misskitty4280 & 52 others
Ta-da makes it easy to...Keep track of all the little things you need to get done Make lists for other people (co-workers, friends, family) Share lists with the world

To Do with Bla-bla List: Simple sharable to-do lists. To-do list, todo list, task manager, task list, todo task, easy list, simple todo, free todo list manager.

by misskitty4280 & 4 others
Make a list of things to think about later when you're not so busy Share your lists with others even if they don't have an account Publish your lists with RSS so that others get instant updates Privately share your lists with anyone and work on them together Email yourself a copy of your list

How to Have a 36 Hour Day

by phgod & 7 others


Study Skills Library - Academic Skills Center - Cal Poly

by isolabig & 5 others
For example, if you are upset with a professor, you are likely to delay in starting a demanding project as a way of "getting even." But you are the

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