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September 2007

Sam Ruby: Dealing With Dates

by greut
stay in UTC as long as possible, and convert to local time as late as possible

November 2006

July 2006

October 2005

ASPN : Python Cookbook : Simple web request benchmark

by roberto
This recipe measures the amount of time to perform each portion of a request to a single file many times, and prints the results in a somewhat reasonable fashion.

jcalderone: Divmod Epsilon Released

by roberto (via)
First, there's epsilon.extime, a module which offers conversion to and from a variety of time formats: RFC 2822 formatted dates, POSIX timestamps, datetime objects, struct_time objects, ISO8601 formatted timestamps, and a particular context-aware format known as the "human readable format". Additionally, it offers a Time class which can be constructed from or converted to any of these formats, as well as have certain date math performed on it.

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