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21 July 2005

20 July 2005

ServerSideWiki - Powered by RubyonRails and TiddlyWiki

by cnkenlee & 15 others
Collect notes, todos, personal information, you name it.The choice is yours. ServerSideWiki, in addition to the simple power of TiddlyWIki, is designed to be fast. You won't wait for pages to load, for things to save, or for content to be pushed back to y

ServerSideWiki - Powered by RubyonRails and TiddlyWiki

by pixelator & 15 others
A server side adaptation of GTD Tiddlywiki with an on-site login and some really cool features.

12 July 2005

GTDTagglyWiki - all your tagged tasks are belong to you

by pixelator
GTD Tiddlywiki adaption which adds tag support for non-heirarchical categorization of data

ZiddlyWiki - a TiddlyWiki hack by TimMorgan

by pixelator
A tiddlywiki adaption which adds server-side saving of tiddlywikis

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