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April 2009

What to do if your cloud provider disappears | ITworld

by brianwaustin
as well as use hundreds of applications written to Salesforce's API via the Apex development language. However, this highly proprietary model means customers can run only (including any customization they have done to the pages they use within the application) on the Salesforce platform.

October 2008

Instrumentation: Powerful Instrumentation Options in .NET Let You Build Manageable Apps with Confidence

by brianwaustin (via)
Instrumentation allows you to determine the running state of a system once it has been deployed. This is crucially important today since the people supporting systems are unlikely to be the same people who developed them. Like good error handling, instrumentation is best done at development time. A sound instrumentation policy must be established at the beginning of the development process to determine what should be instrumented, why, where, and how.

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