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November 2006

archive : s0metim3s | Undercommons 2.0 | October | 2006

by jlesage
Andrew Ross: “Technology and Below-the-Line Labor in the Copyfight over Intellectual Property” (American Quarterly, 58:3, 2006).

October 2006 -- Distributed Aesthetics

by jlesage
expanded discussion of a workshop on this topic. See "theses" by Munster and Lovink

Martin Irvine, Georgetown University

by jlesage
useful website of communication, culture, and technology professor; many links to courses,lectures, slideshows and essays on art, visual culture, media theory

July 2006

Read/WriteWeb: Search 2.0 vs Traditional Search

by jlesage & 1 other
upcoming ways to do searches more precisely for your needs

Terry Mockler's Journey Through Cyberspace

by jlesage
newmedia maker and writer has several interesting blog sites; goal is to develop "readership by utilizing writing to probe cyberspace for post-literate identities."

June 2006

February 2005

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