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10 November 2006

06 November 2006

Media Art Net | Overview of Media Art | MassMedia

by jlesage
links to many full text essays on television; site is a little difficult to navigate, but links to much good writing

03 November 2006


by jlesage
papers and audiovisual texts on "the discourses, ideologies, and human experiences/uses of new media apparatuses"

02 November 2006

"Cyberfeminism with a difference" by Rosi Braidotti

by jlesage
an important essay building on the work of Donna Haraway, emphasizing the kinds of empoverishment that come with globalization, and the possibilities for new forms of collective identity in cyberspace, while eschewing utopianism.

31 October 2006

Vectors Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular

by jlesage
"Vectors maps the multiple contours of daily life in an unevenly digital era, crystallizing around themes that highlight the social, political, and cultural stakes of our increasingly technologically-mediated existence."

Transliteracies » Blog Archive » Lisa Parks

by jlesage
Research in the Technological, Social, and Cultural Practices of Online Reading

30 October 2006

ZoneZero from analog to digital photography

by jlesage & 2 others
a large, excellently curated photography site, including slide shows and discussions of key issues in photography and representation in general; highly recommended; under tutelage of Pedro Meyer; take "tour" first

24 October 2006

Fast Capitalism ejournal

by jlesage
interdisciplinary journal on information and communication in 21st cent. economy and culture; good authors; focus on new media

21 October 2006

Knowing Knowledge - a photoset on Flickr by George Siemens

by jlesage
for those interested in infoaesthetics, this set of 57 images about aspects of knowledge is a stimulating philosophical exercise and a way to ask students how they might have made an image of similar interacting concepts

17 October 2006


by jlesage
"different modes of life embodied within local domains, yet globally interconnected at the same time"

Papers for the 06 International Symposium on Electronic Arts

by jlesage
many full text papers available, with theoretical reflections and case studies, across media

Anxious Libraries

by jlesage
wonderfully designed hypertext project on what libraries might mean today, with all those books few people read; a model of a hypertext exploration of an important intellectual topic

16 October 2006

Swarming Media

by jlesage
blog that give good reports on conferences and reviews of books, often on digital culture


by jlesage
blog about relation between hypertext theory and theories of authorship

15 October 2006

Welcome to the Information Processing Content Web Site

by jlesage
very useful lesson plans for Internet theory and use, digital photograph, desktop publishing

06 October 2006

ideas site - craig stroupe

by jlesage
ideas explored to aid in teaching culture, web design, writing

Composing Cyberspace, by Rich Holeton

by jlesage
website for book, with sections on knowledge, community, and identity; does not have text of book but many useful questions, links, and resources

05 October 2006

Rob Shields | Publications

by jlesage
many full text essays on space, including online space

Virtual Society? Projects

by jlesage
"the social science of electronic technologies"; links to major projects on Internet research