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Video Streaming TheoraCookbook (en)

by Dawa
Video Streaming in Theory free open source video format

Miro Video Converter - Free application to convert any video to Theora, MP4, iPhone, Android, and more.

by Spone & 7 others (via)
A super simple way to convert almost any video to MP4, ogg / theora, or a specific phone or iPod. 100% Free and open-source.

The choice for Theora · Fronteers

by marco
The core question is: What's more important? Giving the best experience to the largest number of visitors, or joining the fight for a world in which every user of the internet can watch and create videos without any barriers.

Well, I'm Back: Video, Freedom And Mozilla

by marco
This is a good time to restate the facts and re-explain why Firefox does not support H.264.


Video on the Web - Dive Into HTML5

by Spone
The definitive guide to video element in HTML5.

TheoraCookbook (en)

by nicolargo
Une documentation très complète sur Theroa (le codec vidéo libre sur lequel se base HTML5)


by nhoizey
A simple converter to create Ogg Theora files.

Decoding the HTML 5 video codec debate

by marco & 1 other
There is a clear need for an open alternative, but the codec controversy could make it difficult.


Theora vs. h.264

by marco
A lot was said lately about the Vorbis/Theora vs h.264/AAC situation on the draft of the HTML5

Why Ogg Matters

by marco
About Vorbis and Theora in Firefox

How to broadcast a live video stream

by ogrisel
Technical notes on how the live video broadcast of the 2008 edition of Pycon FR.


by ianux
Ogg Theora Video streaming with Icecast2


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