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January 2011

December 2010

Premium WordPress Themes and HTML Templates « Themes Kingdom

by gregg
We at Themes Kingdom are a small group of knights working hard round the table and the clock to make awesome WordPress Themes. Our themes are simple to use and easy to customize enabling you to have your own professional looking website up and running in no time.

WPSHOWER - Free wordpress themes

by gregg & 6 others
Welcome to Wpshower where you can get the finest Wordpress Themes for free. What we offer are neat minimalistic themes.

November 2010

Say hello to Shelf!

by sbrothier
Say hello to Shelf, the newest member of our theme collection! When we first broke ground on Shelf nearly four months ago I knew this theme was going to be special, but I never imagined it would turn out to be such a work of interface art. I want to personally thank the incredibly awesome Jon Hicks, Yan Sarazin, and Brandon Dove for bringing Shelf to life, it wouldn’t have happened without your hard work.

Sight | Demo

by gregg
Wordpress Theme

Scaffold Theme

by sbrothier & 3 others
A minimalist theme with simple custom settings.

October 2010

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