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The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Programmes

by infokerja (via)
The Bank`s fund and implement its scholarship programmes as part of its overall effort in the development of human resources of its member countries and those of the Muslim communities in non-member countries.There are three scholarship programmes offered

Vivre a Bangkok, en Thailande

by nomadcom1, 1 comment (via)
A Bangkok depuis septembre 2003, sans regrets... Blog humeuristique et pratique

Ma vie a Bangkok, en Thailande

by nomadcom1
A Bangkok depuis septembre 2006, sans regrets... Blog humeurisitique

Asia Reports

by nomadcom1
Reportages d'Asie du Sud-Est

Cheap Flights to Thailand-How to take a 5 star luxury holiday for less. part 1

by jerome1972
In January of this year my wife and I flew to Bangkok, then on to Phuket for free. We stayed for 3 nights in a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom serviced apartment at the Phuket Marriott Vacation club for a total of USD99 thats 99 dollars for the three nights . These rooms normally go for a minimum of USD339 PER NIGHT. That was just the start of our 5 star luxury 3 week holiday in Thailand that we paid very little for. How did we do it?

Tony and Leighton Hodges in Thailand making film

by springnet
Tony and Leighton begin film making adventure August 6th, 2006 | | Make me happy! Welcome to the world of two Americans in Thailand who are shooting a documentary for submission to SXSW, Youtube and various other online outlets. This is the saga of Leighton (the film maker) and Antonio (the Thai expat) as they evolve a documentary on the fly in Thailand. Hope you enjoy this adventure as it unfolds

Encouragement (and ideas!) from film producer Michael Sorenson

by springnet
Antonio and Leighton Hodges film making adventure in Thailand with advice and encouragement from noted film maker Michael Sorenson. This is an HDtv film being positioned to submit to

Antonio Pineda's Magick Papers Book Tour

by springnet
Called a gifted first novel, Antonio Pineda's Magick Papers is perhaps also one of the very few detective stories with a backdrop of the performing arts. But it reflects Pineda's earlier life in the psychedelic underground of San Francisco's Haight-

:: KOI Restaurant ::

by nomadcom1
Best New Restaurant 2006 - BKK B2C

by nomadcom1
E-Commerce by AG - Online IT Retail Store Bangkok, THAILAND Computer, Hardware, Software, Digital Camera, Notebook

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