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Les pépites du web #1

by LuciferX
Lancement d’une toute nouvelle catégorie sur le blog, il s’agit d’une sélection de ressources de très bonnes qualités ayant attiré mon attention et qui méritent un coup d’œil.

WebTreats ETC

by eledo34 & 3 others (via)
Webtreats est un site web proposant des ressources graphiques en téléchargement. Sur Webtreat, vous trouverez des icônes, des ressources PSD, des éléments web, etc… mais ce site est particulièrement intéressant pour sa collection de patterns. Il y a vraiment de très très beaux patterns de tout type. L’ensemble des patterns, layers styles, brosses Photoshop, [...]

2012 - Free Textures, Brushes, Patterns, and Design Articles! | Welcome to my Repository of Free Textures, Brushes, Patterns and Design Articles.

by sbrothier
Welcome to texturemate; my personal online repository for other graphic artists, web designers, or 3D modelers like myself. At texturemate, you will find my completely original texture photographs, texture packs, stock images, brush packs, or any other resource I manage to create and share for you. Here, you are allowed to obtain anything for free for commercial or non-commercial use! All stock texture photographs have been taken by myself and are available in resolutions of 10 Megapixels or higher.

Great texture websites for SketchUp and Photoshop - SketchUp for landscapes

by sbrothier
Great texture websites for SketchUp and Photoshop This is a list of all the texture websites I recommend. Most of these sites offer free seamless textures that can be used in SketchUp (Import -> image) and into Photoshop (Edit->Define Pattern). There are too many textures to even count, so be selective! You are going to need a bigger hard drive… enjoy!

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