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WRITING - 5 Tools Every Blogger Should be Using! – Going Big — The Official Crowdfire Blog

by decembre (via)
1. Grammarly (Addon - : Tenses, Conjunctions, Punctuation. Advise or Advice. Co-operate or Cooperate. This nifty tool helps me proofread my work of creation to make sure there are no spelling mistakes no commas missing and that my end result reads well. I just have to copy and paste my text into Grammarly’s Editor and see it work its magic! 2. Power Thesaurus ( This tool makes sure I never run out of words. Ever. Abnormality can become Anomaly, Excitement can become Exhilaration, Untidy to Unkempt, Indirect to Vicarious …. the possibilities are endless! 3. ZenPen ( : I find myself experimenting with all of that little editing/ (formatting?) tools available at the side while writing before I even have the first sentence ready. It gives me a minimalist writing space to write my blogposts without any distractions. 4. Hemingway ( My one stop tool to refine my blog post and make it publish ready! It does everything: Highlights grammatical errors, Points out complex words and suggests alternatives, Flags passive voices, and, Highlights sentences which are difficult to read and could do with breaking lines. 5. Evernote ( Evernote is that super handy tool that helps me take the right notes, so I can bring them all together when I put pen to paper in my next blog post. Evernote lets me note down things on the go wherever I am. I can note down Texts, Images and even Audios for when I want to revisit them later.

EDITOR - Markdown Monster - TUTORIAL (image) - Getting Images into Markdown Documents and Weblog Posts with Markdown Monster – Markdown Monster Blog – Medium

by decembre (via)
Getting Images into Markdown Documents and Weblog Posts with Markdown Monster: One good justification for using a rich editor for editing Markdown or a Weblog entry is that you can provide some additional features above and beyond what a simple text or code editor can provide. When you’re creating content you are usually dealing with a number of things beyond plain text like code snippets, feature widgets and most importantly — images. Just about any document you create is likely to include some visual content in the form of images and getting images into documents should be as quick and easy as possible. In this post, I describe all the different ways available in Markdown Monster to add images to Markdown content.


by srcmax
Scales up (or down) text so it fits perfectly to its parent container. Ideal for flexible and responsive websites.




slabText – a jQuery plugin for creating big, bold & responsive headlines

by srcmax & 1 other
slabText – a jQuery plugin for producing big, bold & responsive headlines


TEA: news

by jdrsantos & 1 other
"TEA is a fast, pure C text editor for UNIX, Mac, OS/2 and Windows. TEA provides you hundreds of functions. "

EditPad Lite - Free Text Editor for Windows

by jdrsantos
"EditPad Lite is a compact general-purpose text editor. Use EditPad Lite to easily edit any kind of plain text file. "

Hallo.js - Distraction-free Rich Text Editor for the Web

by Xavier Lacot
A rich text editor which has the great quality of being light, simple and fast while still being a pleasure to use.

Soulbroken : PHP_CodeSniffer Plugin For Sublime Text 2

by Xavier Lacot
A bundle for SublimeText which binds several PHP oriented tools, and automates a better coding standards quality.

Text Mechanic - Text Manipulation Tools

by kathleen_vincent
Text Mechanic is a collection of free, online, browser-based, text manipulation tools.

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