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Dnsyo by samarudge

by Krome & 1 other
DNSYO is a little tool I built to help me keep track of DNS propagation. In short, it's nslookup, if nslookup queried over 1500 servers and collated their results.


Email Testing and Email Preview - Email on Acid

by Krome & 7 others
Preview your email in 48 variations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices. Our code validation and analysis tools will help you identify rendering issues - fast!


Web Testing Software

by rmaltete
tool utilisé par LbN pour faire des stress-tests sur les sites web (enregistrement de la navigation dans le browser, puis on rejoue le scénario)


Selenium web application testing system

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Selenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications. Selenium provides a record/playback tool for authoring tests without learning a test scripting language. Selenium provides a test domain specific language (DSL) to write tests in a number of popular programming languages, including Java, Ruby, Groovy, Python, PHP, and Perl. Test playback is in most modern web browsers. Selenium deploys on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms. Annotated link

Test your RewriteRules for Apache mod_rewrite

by parmentierf
This tool lets you write and test your rewrite rules for Apache's mod_rewrite on-the-fly.

Opera Mini Simulator

by ycc2106
live demo of Opera Mini that functions like it would when installed on a handset


by ycc2106 & 18 others
Your website through the eyes of a Mac ? Browsrcamp allows you to test the compatibility of your design with Mac OS X browsers.

Cross Browser Testing. Pick an OS, Pick a Browser, Test website

by ycc2106 & 2 others
# allows website designers to test the cross browser compatibility of their website across different browsers and operating systems.\n# Sometimes you need more than a picture. Test your AJAX and Javascript as well as the layout.

Load Impact - Free web site load test

by ycc2106 & 5 others
allow you to test how your website can handle various blasts of traffic. The results with sites hosted at WpWebHost are excellent.

7 Fresh and Simple Ways to Test Cross-Browser Compatibility | Freelance Folder

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
This post is written for designers, developers, or anyone else who has struggled with testing their websites across multiple browsers.

Selenium web application testing system

by parmentierf & 2 others
Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms. Selenium... * runs in many browsers and operating systems * can be controlled by many programming languages and testing frameworks.


Tsung - outil de benchmark à Haute-Performance

by rmaltete & 6 others
Un outil de benchmark à Haute-Performance En quelques mots, Tsung est un outil permettant de réaliser des tests de charge distribués. Il est indépendant du protocole utilisé et peut actuellement être utilisé pour mesurer les performances de serveurs Jabber / XMPP, mais également de serveur HTTP, SOAP et PostgreSQL. Développé sous la forme d'un framework extensible, Tsung peut être utilisé pour générer de test de performance à une large échelle, avec un très grand réalisme, à partir d'un nombre limité de machines. Tsung est un outil permettant de simuler le comportement d'un grand nombre d'utilisateurs d'une application cible. Il permet d'analyser la capacité d'un système sous forte charge et propose des rapports permettant d'améliorer la performance et l'architecture du système testé. Tsung dispose de caractéristiques étonnantes, qui le place devant ses concurrents: * Il peut simuler un grand nombre d'utilisateur par serveur physique. Tsung peut gérer 10000 utilisateurs simultanés sur un seul processeur. Les outils de benchmark traditionnels peuvent habituellement simuler entre 200 et 1000 utilisateurs simultanés par CPU, ce qui rend difficile et coûteux la mise en oeuvre de campagnes de test importantes. Tsung permet de contourner cette limite.


by rmaltete & 6 others (via)
Apache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.


The Scrutinizer

by phileplanet & 6 others
The Scrutinizer is a service that allows you to analyze, assess and validate any link using various tools and testers on the web.

Tsung - outil de benchmark à Haute-Performance

by gregR & 6 others (via)
Tsung est un outil permettant de réaliser des tests de charge distribués. Il est indépendant du protocole utilisé et peut actuellement être utilisé pour mesurer les performances de serveurs Jabber / XMPP, mais également de serveur HTTP, SOAP et PostgreSQL.


BaseCamp test > Overview

by rmaltete
test de l'appli BaseCamp

AWBot - Free web site/application tester (GNU GPL).

by gregR & 3 others (via)
AWBot is a web client tool that emulate some visitors browsing on your web site to test its stability after a development change, to test its reliability and/or response to heavy load.

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